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John Botica Feb 11 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

Hello SlideDeckers - we just wanted to make sure to let you all know that we will be having limited support on Web. Feb 12 and Thurs. Feb 13. We will be getting to all of your tickets on the following Friday, Feb 14. Please feel free to post your requests, but please note we might not be able to respond until Friday. 

Thanks for choosing SlideDeck! 

Jamie Hamel-Smith November 20, 2013 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

We have received a few tickets from users about the newest version of SlideDeck2 and a fatal PHP error when updating the plugins. We think that it is caused by upgrading to version 2.3.6 when you have multiple SlideDeck plugins, and you do not use the bulk update feature in the main WordPress updates menu.

Here is the error:

Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: SlideDeckPlugin::$st_namespace

What causes it?

We received a few bug reports of SlideDeck2 producing many notices and warnings in the PHP error logs when PHP 5.3 or 5.4 was used. This was an annoyance to our users and a potential hazard to the plugin stability in future versions of PHP that might not be as lenient. We fixed the notices and warnings by changing a few of the properties that were causing them. We also fixed a few other minor warnings while in there.

Because the SlideDeck 2 plugins can be updated one at a time, there might be a case where one plugin is active and still expecting the properties to be defined using the old method. We did not catch this in testing, and it's a bit rough if you upgrade the plugins one at a time.

How to fix it:

There are three options that should work:

  1. Use FTP to upload the new (matching versions) plugins. This should get everything aligned again and resolve any issues.
  2. Deactivate or delete all the SlideDeck plugins except the main (personal) plugin or the Lite plugin. Your interface should then prompt you to install your addons like this: (yellow bar at the top should take you to this page) as long as you entered a license key.
  3. If you are able to roll back your WordPress site to a backup (some service providers provide this feature) then try updating the plugins from the bulk update screen: instead.

Please let us know if these work for you, or if there's anything else we can help with by leaving a comment.

If you need to talk to us about this issue or another issue on your site, then please open a ticket using this URL: instead of replying to the comments here.

Jamie Hamel-Smith October 21, 2013 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

One of the changes to WordPress in version 3.7 changes how the plugin update notification system works – with the end result being SlideDeck 2 Personal, Professional and Developer users will never see the notification when we push out an update.

If you’ve not yet upgraded to WP 3.7…

Upgrade SlideDeck 2 first! Version 2.3.4 addresses this notification issue, and ensures that you’ll continue to get a heads-up when there are new versions of SlideDeck 2 available. There are two ways to do this – all Personal, Professional & Developer users should either:

  • Go to the Plugins screen in your WordPress admin, and update SlideDeck 2 from there, or
  • Log into your DT account, download the plugin .zip file(s) and upload it to your WordPress site

Ack! I already upgraded to WP 3.7! What should I do?

Simply follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

  1. Deactivate all SlideDeck 2 plugins you have installed on your WordPress site
  2. Install SlideDeck 2 Lite from the WordPress plugin repository
  3. Once installed, visit the “Addons” page in the plugin
  4. Install your addons

This will download the latest version of the Personal, Professional or Developer tier addons from our servers to your WordPress site. And then you should be good to go!

What if my license is expired?

Don’t worry, we haven’t left you hanging! We’ve created a free patch that you can apply – we strongly recommend that you do this. If not, you may not receive notification of updates for any of your plugins. Grab it from the link below:

Just replace the file of the same name in slidedeck2-personal/lib/ with this one, and the update mechanism will continue to work as it did before WordPress 3.7.

digital telepathy April 05, 2013 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

We've been hearing that the recent Firefox 20 release has beef with SlideDeck.js, but fear not! This is a bug we addressed a while ago, so if this issue is affecting you, all you need do is follow these handy instructions below to get them playing well together again:


  • Click on the SlideDeck.js Developers' Kit tile
  • Download the latest version of the kit (1.4.3)

Now, to update your version of the SlideDeck Javascript library, simply upload the latest version of the file "slidedeck.jquery.js" to wherever you placed the previous version on your server, and overwrite your current copy of the file.

That's it, you're done! Firefox 20 and SlideDeck.js should now be happy together like peas and carrots. If you're still having trouble, definitely post a ticket in our support forum, and we'll be happy to help you out!

Jamie Hamel-Smith August 27, 2012 28 SlideDeck 2 / FAQ

First, update your copy of SlideDeck 2 to the latest version.

All of your current SlideDecks can be made responsive by simply adding the parameter "ress=1" to the shortcode used to embed it in the page/post. Here’s an example:

[SlideDeck2 id=XXXX ress=1]

Simply using the “ress=1″ attribute will enable your SlideDecks to scale proportionally, based on the width of the screen that’s viewing it .

We’ve got another attribute you can adjust; “proportional=false”:

[SlideDeck2 id=XXXX ress=1 proportional=false]

Proportional is true by default, and when you set “proportional=false”, your deck will use the specified height (in the edit screen) and simply stretch horizontally to fill the area the deck occupies.

Making your SlideDecks 'RESSponsive' will cause them to be embedded in an iFrame that reloads an appropriately sized deck when the page loads/is resized. Fear not, as your HTML markup is still present behind the iFrame (which is inserted dynamically).

Check out our demo site for an example:


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