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Ranjith Nair Jun 24 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

We've just released SlideDeck 2.3.13

Dribbble, one of the dynamic content  sources will retire its original Dribbble Api on June 24.  This release makes SlideDeck2 compatible with the updated Dribbble API.

The change log can be found here.


Shilpa May 28 4 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

We've just released SlideDeck 2.3.12

This release fixed issues with the Youtube V3 API compatibility.

The change log can be found here.


John Botica May 4 SlideDeck 2 / General Announcements

We've just released SlideDeck 2.3.11

This release fixed some issues with the Pinterest and Facebook sources. It also has a few minor UI updates.

The changelog can be found here.


Bradley Kenyon Mar 4 5 SlideDeck 2 / FAQ

We recently learned that the Pinterest source was not working for some users. After some testing, we found a fix.

If you are experiencing the dreaded "No content found" with your SlideDecks when using the Pinterest source, please contact us and we can help you apply the fix.


UPDATE: This issue has been resolved in the 2.3.11 update made 2015-05-04

Jamie Hamel-Smith August 27, 2012 39 SlideDeck 2 / FAQ

First, update your copy of SlideDeck 2 to the latest version.

All of your current SlideDecks can be made responsive by simply adding the parameter "ress=1" to the shortcode used to embed it in the page/post. Here’s an example:

[SlideDeck2 id=XXXX ress=1]

Simply using the “ress=1″ attribute will enable your SlideDecks to scale proportionally, based on the width of the screen that’s viewing it .

We’ve got another attribute you can adjust; “proportional=false”:

[SlideDeck2 id=XXXX ress=1 proportional=false]

Proportional is true by default, and when you set “proportional=false”, your deck will use the specified height (in the edit screen) and simply stretch horizontally to fill the area the deck occupies.

Making your SlideDecks 'RESSponsive' will cause them to be embedded in an iFrame that reloads an appropriately sized deck when the page loads/is resized. Fear not, as your HTML markup is still present behind the iFrame (which is inserted dynamically).

Check out our demo site for an example: http://ress.dtelepathy.com/?p=6


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