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SlideDeck 2.1 Released (2.1.20120618)

Jamie Hamel-Smith
posted this on June 18, 2012, 2:26 PM

Here's the list of fixes and changes that we made when developing SlideDeck 2.1. Some of these are specific to 2.1, but others are bug fixes brought forward from version 2.0.20120518
  • Added as a content source
  • Fixed link coloring for light variation display of author links in Tool-kit lens to be more visible
  • Fixed duplicate SlideDeck bug that was preventing all sources from being copied
  • Improved interaction for duplicating SlideDecks to show an indicator while duplication is taking place
  • Fixed positioning of overlay with Tool-Kit lens and "Custom SlideDecks"
  • Adapted Instagram access token retrieval to work with new multi-source SlideDecks
  • Fixed bug in slidedeck_after_save event that was improperly passing only on source as a string instead of an array of slugs
  • Fixed bug with tooltips in flyouts for dynamic content sources that was causing tooltips to fail after a source was added or deleted
  • Added "Overlays Always Open" option to allow overlays to be un-closable when visible
  • Added ability to toggle iframe=1 as a default option on all future SlideDeck shortcode embeds
  • Fixed some miscelaneous bugs with the Posts source JavaScript to properly handle taxonomy filtering
  • Fixed display bug with O-Town lens and video custom slide types when using the caption layout
  • Updated SlideDeck jQuery core to 1.3.8 with a fix to properly handle animation speed
  • Set custom SlideDecks to hide start setting since it doesn't really apply in this case as the user can order the slides any way they wish
  • Added super-script, sub-script, clean formatting and paste special buttons to WYSIWYG editors for custom slides
  • Made no thumbnail thumbnails for Tool-kit lens inherit the slide title's font
  • Added slide type identification to identify the type of media on that slide (textonly|image|video|html) for mixed media SlideDecks
  • Abstracted video meta query methods to the parent SlideDeck class to be available to all content sources
  • Modified Google+ content source to show videos on those slides that contain video embeds
  • Added author information to YouTube video source
  • Added author meta data to Tool-kit video template
  • Made Tool-kit video template excerpt area class consistent with regular template for proper visibility control and consistent style
  • Created new multi-source Dynamic SlideDeck type to create SlideDecks with multiple external content sources
  • Restructured entire content source model to allow content sources to be more modularly attached
  • Created new "Custom Deck" SlideDeck type. You can now create a SlideDeck slide by slide, customize individual slide layouts and use custom content sources like: Images, Video, Text Only and full HTML
  • Tool-Kit lens: Addressed some issues with style inheritance on the navigation arrows for the lens that were causing some display issues
  • Setting related videos in YouTube to not display
  • Fixed issue with WordPress post content source that was causing titles to trim off an already texturized version of the title instead of trimming before texturizing
  • Fixed SlideDeck duplication bug where some options were not being duplicated
  • Improved full slide linking. If the slide does not have a permalink, the full slide link will not output for that slide.
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