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SlideDeck 2 misbehaving? Start here...

Bradley Kenyon
posted this on May 31, 2012, 2:54 PM

You've eagerly purchased and installed the plugin while imagining how incredible it was going to be and how much time it was going to save and how many possibilities...wait, something's not right. Uh oh, I think it's broken... Fear not! You've come to the right place!

As there are an infinite number of possible setups for each installation of WordPress, it is impossible for us, as plugin developers, to account for every scenario. While SlideDeck 2 follows the best practices for plugin development as recommended by WordPress, frequently problems that arise can be attributed to a specific setup. So let's start by making sure our playing field is level...

1. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements and everything is up-to-date. Check this post for the full explanation of requirements: Basically, you want to check that you have WordPress 3.3.x, a modern browser, and the current latest version of SlideDeck 2.

2. Temporarily disable your other plugins. Sometimes two plugins try to occupy the same resources. Their ensuing duel can cause strange behaviors to bubble to the surface. If SlideDeck 2 works when it is the only active plugin, start reenabling your other plugins one-by-one until it breaks again. Congratulations! You've found the culprit.

3. Temporarily switch to an unmodified copy of the default WordPress theme (Twenty Eleven, at time of writing). Similar to the plugin collision, sometimes custom themes have hardcoded pieces that cause collisions and other strange behaviors. Is it working, yet?

4. Add "iframe=1" to your shortcode. Our "silver bullet" solution loads our plugin in an iframe to isolate it and insure all of the dependencies are included. If this doesn't fix it, the problem is likely a little deeper under the surface, in which case, we'd be happy to help you locate it. Check out this post for an example:

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